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Magento is a popular and excellent open source platform for E-commerce.It is now used by every developer.This platform is straightforward, flexible and scalable for developing an efficient website that compiles all the consumer and merchant requirements.One of the greatest advantages of Magento is that it updates automatically.With all the benefits of Magento developer, you need just a developer expert who understands Magento, to get the best out of it.However, it is essential to consider a few things before choosing a developer for the Magento website:
1.Certification of the developers:
It is always a must to ensure that your web developer is experienced and is having the relevant qualifications At the same time, you should be aware of the recent developments to understand the skills required for the developer. Current certification is essential as the requirements keep changing rapidly.
2.Easy communication:
Communication is the primary point for every successful project.Keeping them informed and updated would lead to desired results efficiently and quickly.
3.Time Table:
All good developers will have a schedule and stick to it.Ensure that you get on a plan and follow up accordingly.In case of sudden mishap how it will be managed will have to be known prior scheduling the project.Be sure to ask your developer beforehand.
4.Design the website:
Your website may be developed by the Magento theme, but check with the developers for custom made design, this will make your site more recognized.Make sure your website is compatible with smartphones.Today’s internet traffic is generated only with the help of these devices.
Once the website is operative, There is a requirement of support which requires addition, deletion of texts, photos, banners and more.This type of support is important and can save a lot of time for us. Ask about these to your developers.
6.Search Engine Optimisation:
Once the website is created, Discuss search engine optimizations with your developers.It is only when the Search engine optimization rank is high, customers or users will be able to reach your website.
Once you have considered the above things, get to know the tips and tricks to get a good Magento developed website:
First and foremost rule while editing a Magento is never to touch the Magento core file without keeping a backup.This rule applies to both front end and back end developer.Create a new theme every time you want to edit.Create a separate layout and templates folder in the recently created theme. This will enable you to do smart editing.
2.Template Files:
Editing Template files should be done by doing the changes in the copy of a template file. Once you have changed the template in a copied theme, you can upgrade your changes. If everything is fine with the copied theme, you can implement the same in the original file.
Layout Files:
Editing a layout file is very simple. All you need to do is create a file called local.xml and place the new theme into the new theme layout folder.
GUI to Use:
The ideal GUI for Magento is JetBrains phpstorm.Since it has a lot of features like PHP 5.5 support.Remote tools and SSH console, improved PHP Syntax coloring, testing , debugging and other support for Magento frameworks.
The ideal plugin for Magento development is PHPStorm.This plugin has many features like autocomplete for factories, documentation for XML nodes, goto for factories, template paths, evaluation of PHP code.
Development Environment:
The most famous IDE for Magento is PHPStorm and Netbeans.However the extensions like eclipse, Zend studio are also pretty famous.
Don’t Stop Learning:
A Magento developer can never stop learning.There are a lot of other sites that give all the recent upgrades about the developer.It is always better to be equipped or aware of the rapid changes and updates that happen in the Magento developer.Apart from learning new things, prepare for Magento certification, this will not only add value to your career but also help you to communicate your requirement to the developer in a better way.
Following are the unavoidable benefits of Magento
• Easy to install
• Easy to add an additional theme, layout, and plug-ins
• A great open source technology
• Flexible and scalable E-commerce solution
• Has more than 50 payment gateways
• Provide various promotion discounts during checkout.
Now that you are aware of the requirements of magneto developer, it is easy for you to get things done the best way you want to use the tips and tricks.

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