Magento Plugins To Make Your Online Dealings More Efficient


The entire Business world depends on the efficiency of the Internet and related facilities. The world is becoming a limited space when you consider how fast transactions are being processed via the net. Banking services, shipping and delivery processes are conducted in a matter of seconds. You can now see online sites for almost every product. The consumer is able to browse the site and order his/her desired product. Within seconds they complete their order and pay for the product too. The retailer makes sure that his customer is aware of all the tracking details once the package is shipped. Sites like I Love Diamonds, Land Rover, Paperchase, Missguided, etc. have all benefitted greatly as a result of online transactions. shows how the world has changed as a result of a leap of technology.
Such efficiency is brought about with the help of various Magento plugins. Read on to know about some of the important Magento ecommerce plugins.
Business firms are dealing with online transactions on a large scale nowadays. In fact, most of the bulk purchases happen online. If an industrialist is to succeed today, he has to be accessible on the net. Shipping and delivery issues create major problems if not handled correctly. Shipworks is one efficient Magento Plugin that makes the dispatch procedures work smoothly.
Price Slider Daffodil
Customers need to browse at their convenience. They are not patient enough, nor do they have the time to browse through all the categories shown on the site. They would need a specific price range and not anything else to be shown on the page they are searching. Price slider Daffodil shows them only the range they require. The products belonging to that category are filtered and exhibited. This plugin is a smart time saver and helps many customers find exactly what they want.
Zopim Live Chat
Who likes being ignored? Noone at all. Same is the case of a customer who is trying to get in touch with us. Retailers are expected to be at the beck and call of a customer. The risk present today is that if we fail to respond promptly, it is equal to losing a potential customer. There are several other retailers who are instantly online and can serve the client. Zopim Live Chat plugin comes to our rescue here. It allows live chat between the customer and the respective customer associate. Necessary information can be exchanged; queries can be dealt with effectively and on time.
Fontis SecurePay
Online cash transactions are at the risk of being exposed to hackers and other safety threats. Fontis Securepay acts as a gateway to secure your cash dealings online. People will hesitate to make payments online if they are not confident enough. Security in all financial dealings is what a customer is looking for. Having a plugin that prevents the risk of fraud and acts as a check on the authenticity of the dealer is a great relief to the customer.
These are just some of the many Magento plugins that have made life much easier and more convenient.


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